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Make your home ready to sell

We always walk through our clients homes before listing and advise the following:

  • Make sure all light bulbs are bright and functional.  Also, clean light covers of dust and dead bugs.
  • Touch up any issues with painted walls. Repaint any really odd colours with something neutral.  Remember that the new owners will probably repaint anyway, so don’t waste money on repainting everything.
  • Declutter!  Walk through every room and put some things away.  It’s okay to have a home lived in, just not messy.  Leave some personal pics, but take down some if you have lots.
  • Put away valuables that you may have lying on dressers, desks, nightstands, etc.
  • If your basement is unfinished and a storage area, make it organized so that visitors can walk around, see walls, furnace, etc.
  • If you can’t park a car in your garage, also make it neat (and bright).
  • If you have pets, have any carpets cleaned and have a plan for taking them out of the house when buyers are coming over.
  • Clean the oven, tidy the closets, scrub the shower stalls, bathtub and toilets.  In other words, make it look like Mr. Clean lives there!
  • Fix all those little things you have been putting off.  It will pay dividends at the deal table.
  • Clean up the yard, trim the bushes, hoe the garden.  Buyers have to like or accept the outside before they want to look at the inside.
  • Always try to accommodate the time/date needs of all potential buyers.  We don’t know which one is the REAL one.  It sucks to be a seller, but we will make it pay off!
By: Jack Loft

Jack entered Real Estate after an interesting and successful career in policing. His training and skills evolved around interviewing, negotiation, communications and an acute attention to detail. He is a classic ‘Over Achiever’. Jack started his Real Estate career in 2004 and attained Broker status in 2011. Along the way he achieved numerous sales awards, served on the Professional Standards and various other committees within the Realtors Association of Hamilton Burlington and in 2018 served as its President. In addition to recognition as a professional amongst his peers he has trained and is qualified as a Fellow with the Real Estate Institute of Canada and with the Ontario Realtors Care Foundation. Jack’s service to clients, knowledge in the field of Real Estate and related transactions is second to none.

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